Family Gives Their Boring Old Kitchen Table A Unique And Gorgeous Copper Top ?>

Family Gives Their Boring Old Kitchen Table A Unique And Gorgeous Copper Top

Some of the best furniture designs out there may look incredibly simple, but hold a remarkable sense of elegance and sophistication.

I love creations like this American flag-themed pallet wood coffee table, but also enjoy designs that are much more abstract and vibrant.

Recently, Imgur user culb77uploaded pictures of his family’s latest DIY project: a tabletop makeover.

Their kitchen table had been overused and was rusting away slowly. It was covered with scratches and stains, and in a desperate need of a transformation.

To match the general copper tones in the kitchen, they went with the idea of fashioning the new tabletop out of a few copper sheets.

So they bought a few sheets of copper, and sculpted, fumed, lacquered, and hammered away until they ended up with the most insanely beautiful design ever.

Scroll on to see the final table transformation, and let us know what you think in the comments below!


Imgur user culb77 recently posted a terrific DIY project that he and his family worked on.

They looked at their old kitchen table, which had rusted away at the edges, and was covered in flakes and stains.

“Our kitchen has some nice copper tones in the tiles and countertops,” said Dad. With their theme decided, they got to work!


They started from scratch with a 3×10 sheet of copper, which was bought for $160.


This is what the copper looked like in its first stages, after being cut and trimmed into three rough sections.


Next, it came time to fashion the copper into a cool design.

They experimented with a lot of methods, including combining it with water and ammonium chloride, then sprinkling it with table salt.


This is what the copper looked like after a while.

It wasn’t the kind of shade that they wanted, but, as with any other DIY project, trail and error is key!


Next, they tried a method called “fuming.”

Dad built a makeshift “fume chamber” with materials he got from Home Depot for $6.

The copper would be coupled with ammonia to derive some interesting results…


Finally, after two hours of fuming, they got the kind of blue they wanted!


After all the copper plates dried up, they were sprayed with a light coat of lacquer, and loosened up with a pressure washer.

The surface was then sanded down to look smoother.


Then, it came time to fit the copper top onto the old table.

They sprayed it with water and white vinegar to loosen up the paint, then scraped off loose parts.

Then, they applied heavy duty glue to the surface to attach the copper sheets.


The copper sheets were then clamped down onto the table, then patted down evenly with a rolling pin.

Here is a side view of the copper top from one of the edges of the table.


To make the bends along the edge of the table, they clamped a brake to the table, and molded the copper downwards. It worked perfectly!


Any overlapping was cut away, and a mallet was used to hammer down any remaining unevenness along the edges.

Lastly, tacks were put along the underside to keep the copper down.


The very final step was to gloss it over. They went with Envirotex Lite, a bartop epoxy, which is a type of resin used in table coatings.

The epoxy took three days to set, but it gave the copper top such amazing depth and a sleek, finished appearance.


“We’re much happier with this table, and it should last forever,” Dad wrote on his post.

We love how the tabletop turned out, as well as the creativity and ingenuity of this DIY project!

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